Season 1 (1983/1984-1985)Edit

# Title Summary Original Air Date
Pilot "Trick or Treat" A rich and spiteful old man with an obsession for documenting and exploiting debts owed to him, offers trick-or-treaters the chance to search his house for their parents' mortgages, only to terrify them with animatronic "spirits". Unfortunately for him, the old man finds himself the victim of a particularly frightening trick-or-treater, namely a real witch.
Guest starring Barnard Hughes as Gideon Hackles, and Max Wright, written by George A. Romero.
October 29, 1983
1 The New Man Alan Coombs, a bad-tempered recovering alcoholic, meets a young man named Jerry who claims to be his son. Coombs insists that he's never seen or met Jerry before, but Jerry says otherwise.
Based on a short story by Barbara Owens and adapted by Mark Durand.

(Note: This episode is often considered the most confusing.)

September 30, 1984
2 I'll Give You a Million' An offer to buy a friend's soul goes a bit too far, especially when the seller returns to reclaim the goods.
Written by Mark Durand and David Spiel and guest-starring Keenan Wynn
October 7, 1984
3 Pain Killer A henpecked husband (Lou Jacobi) who suffers from excruciating backaches visits a doctor (Farley Granger) who prescribes a drastic cure. October 14, 1984
4 The Odds A bookie who never turns down a bet meets the luckiest man he may ever know, who is determined to break the bookie at any cost. The bookie ends up wagering on the time of his death, and must outsmart a man who has never lost..
Written and directed by James Sadwith and guest-starring Danny Aiello.
October 21, 1984
5 Mookie and Pookie A teenage girl discovers that her recently deceased twin brother's spirit lives on in a computer, but no one will believe her. When she tries to fulfill her brother's last wish by inputting data into his computer, her parents begin to get worried.
Guest starring Justine Bateman and Tippi Hedren, written by Dan Kleinman.
November 4, 1984
6 Slippage A man discovers that he is literally slipping from existence.
Based on a short story by Michael Kube-McDowell, adapted by Mark Durand and guest-starring David Patrick Kelly.
November 11, 1984
7 Inside the Closet A young woman takes up board in an elderly man's house and insists that there is something lurking inside of the small, locked closet in her bedroom.
Directed by Tom Savini and guest-starring Fritz Weaver.
November 21, 1984
8 The Word Processor of the Gods A man discovers his new word processor, a gift from his deceased nephew, is more powerful than he could ever have imagined: everything he types into it becomes real.
Based on the short story by Stephen King and adapted by Michael McDowell.
November 25, 1984
9 A Case of the Stubborns Grandpa refuses to believe that he is dead.
Written by James Houghton and guest-starring Christian Slater as Jody, Brent Spiner as the Reverend and Eddie Bracken as Grandpa.
December 2, 1984
10 Djinn, No Chaser A couple finds a lamp which turns out to hold a genie, who is extremely annoyed at being trapped for thousands of years. He punishes them with plagues and problems, but the wife offers a simple solution to his problem.
Based on a story by Harlan Ellison and adapted by Haskell Barkin and guest-starring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
January 13, 1985
11 All a Clone by the Telephone An answering machine with a will of its own helps out a TV writer and gradually begins to take over his life.
Written by Haskell Barkin and guest-starring Harry Anderson.
January 20, 1985
12 In the Cards A tarot reader who attracts business by giving out only good predictions finds herself stuck with a new deck of cards—one which makes terrible predictions come true.
Written and directed by Ted Gershuny
January 27, 1985
13 Anniversary Dinner An elderly couple take in a girl escaping from her boyfriend, just in time for their 25th anniversary dinner. Unfortunately, the couple plans on serving a very specific-and revolting-dish...
Story by D.J. Pass, adapted by James Houghton.
February 3, 1985
14 Snip, Snip Confident that he is about to win the lottery, a man studying the black arts quits his job, only to find out that he has lost to a woman.
Written by Howard Smith and Tom Allan.
February 10, 1985
15 Answer Me A ringing telephone with a life of its own bothers a woman in the room next door.
Written by Michael McDowell.
February 17, 1985
16 The Tear Collector A young woman who can't stop crying meets a man who collects tears.
Written by Geoffrey Loftus and John Drimmer and guest-starring Jessica Harper and Victor Garber.
February 24, 1985
17 The Madness Room A wife and her friend plot to scare a rich man to death in the cursed "Madness Room."
Written by Thomas Epperson and guest-starring Stuart Whitman.
May 5, 1985
18 If the Shoes Fit... Politician Bo Gumbs checks into a hotel to prepare for a speech. After he tells the hotel wait staff that politics is all showmanship, they help him prepare for his best show ever.
Co-Written by Armand Mastoianni and David Gerrold, directed by Mastroianni, starring Dick Shawn.
May 12, 1985
19 Levitation A teenager goads a once-famous magician into performing his greatest feat of levitation, with disastrous results.
Based on a short story by Joseph Payne Brennan and adapted by David Gerrold.
May 19, 1985
20 It All Comes Out in the Wash A laundromat offers to wash away the sins of its clients.
Written by Harvey Jacobs.
May 26, 1985
21 Bigalow's Last Smoke Mr. Bigalow wakes up in a replica of his apartment, overseen by an addiction counselor who will allow him to leave only if he quits smoking.
Written by Michael McDowell.
June 9, 1985
22 Grandma's Last Wish An elderly woman makes one request of her unsympathetic family, who want to put her in a nursing home against her will.
Written by Jule Selbo.
June 16, 1985
23 The False Prophet A superstitious woman travels by bus to Texas on the advice of a psychic machine. Before she reaches her destination, however, she comes across another machine that warns her against continuing on her way.
Written by Jule Selbo and guest-starring Ronee Blakley.
August 4, 1985

Season 2 (1985-1986)Edit

# Title Summary Original Air Date
24 (01) The Impressionist The government brings in a failing comedian to try to communicate with an alien.
Based on the short story "Impersonations" by M. Coleman Easton, adapted by Haskell Barkin and guest-starring Chuck McCann.
September 29, 1985
25 (02) Lifebomb An unhealthy corporate executive is offered a life-saving medical device with a price.
Written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, based on his own short story of the same name. Guest-starring Bill Macy.
October 6, 1985
26 (03) Ring Around the Redhead A man sentenced to Death Row for a murder tells his story of a redhead... from another dimension.
Based on the short story by John D. MacDonald, adapted by Ted Gershuny.
October 13, 1985
27 (04) Parlour Floor Front A young couple learns that their tenant is a voodoo practitioner. The wife sees the tenant as a danger and attempts to drive him out of the building, blaming him for various mishaps.
Written by Carole Lucia Satrina. Guest-starring Adolph Caesar.
October 20, 1985
28 (05) Halloween Candy A misanthropic old man torments trick-or-treating children and is visited by a terrifying goblin demanding candy.
Written by Michael McDowell, directed by Tom Savini.
(Note: This episode is often considered one of the scariest of the series.)
October 27, 1985
29 (06) The Satanic Piano A musician in a creative slump buys a revolutionary machine that reads the thoughts of a person and transforms it into music. However, the piano comes with a very high price, one which the musician may not be willing to pay.
Story by Carl Richard Jacobi, adapted by John Harrison.

Guest-starring Michael Warren and Lisa Bonet.

November 3, 1985
30 (07) The Devil's Advocate The rude host of a late-night radio show, "The Devil's Advocate," discovers that he is receiving calls from the past, and that his radio studio's door has disappeared.
Written by George A. Romero and guest-starring Jerry Stiller.

(Note: This is the first episode that George A. Romero wrote for the series.)

November 10, 1985
31 (08) Distant Signals A director is approached by a mysterious investor who asks him to complete a previous short-run series, which was canceled 20 years ago before the final episodes were shown. The investor and his mysterious backers will pay any price to see the series finished, complete with bringing the original actor out of retirement.
Story by Andrew Weiner, adapted by Ted Gershuny and guest-starring Darren McGavin.
November 17, 1985
32 (09) The Trouble with Mary Jane A family offers $50,000 to whoever can rid young Mary Jane of the demons possessing her.

Guest starring - Phyllis Diller
Written by Edithe Swensen.
(Note: The young actress, Tanya Fenmore, who played Mary Jane, was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1987, for her performance in this episode.)

November 24, 1985
33 (10) Ursa Minor A little girl blames her new teddy bear for various pranks in her parents' house. They do not believe her-until giant claw marks on the walls and lumbering sounds at night convince them. The mother destroys the teddy, but forgets one of the most basic rules of the wild-harm the child, and you must meet the mother...
Written and directed by Ted Gershuny, based on a story by John Sladek.
December 1, 1985
34 (11) Effect and Cause A woman learns she can change the world around her at random, but soon loses control of events.
Written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell.
December 8, 1985
35 (12) Monsters in My Room A little boy who fears an octopus, a living buzz saw, and a demon are in his room finds they are all too real.
Written and directed by James Sadwith and guest-starring Seth Green.
December 22, 1985
36 (13) Comet Watch A man and his henpecking wife gets unexpected guests when Sir Edmond Halley and a young lady from the long-ago past on the night Halley's Comet appears.
Written by Harvey Jacobs and Jule Selbo. Guest-starring Fritz Weaver and Anthony Heald.
January 2, 1986
37 (14) Dream Girl A theatrical director finds herself acting out the dreams of a meek stagehand along with her co-workers.
Written and directed by Timna Ramon, based on a short story by Barbara Paul.
January 19, 1986
38 (15) A New Lease on Life A man gets the modern, fully equipped apartment of his dreams in exchange for providing his new landlady with lots of garbage.
Written by Harvey Jacobs and Michael McDowell. Guest-starring Marie Windsor.
January 26, 1986
39 (16) Printer's Devil A writer learns that his new agent can make his novels succeed, and all he needs is a small sacrifice involving animals.
Written and directed by John Harrison, based on a story by Ron Goulart and guest-starring Larry Manetti.
February 2, 1986
40 (17) The Shrine A woman competes against a little girl for the affection and attention of her own mother.
Written by Jule Selbo from a story by Pamela Sargent and guest-starring Lorna Luft.
February 9, 1986
41 (18) The Old Soft Shoe A salesman hits on an attractive woman at a motel and is subsequently pursued by another angry, jealous woman.
Written by Art Monterastelli and guest-starring Paul Dooley.
February 16, 1986
42 (19) The Last Car A young woman on her way home from college rides the last car of a train and discovers bizarre passengers.
Written by Michael McDowell.

(Note: The young boy, Scooter Stevens, was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1987, for his performance in this episode.

February 23, 1986
43 (20) A Choice of Dreams A mob boss with a terminal illness is offered the chance to experience his dreams after death.
Written by James Houghton from a story by Edward F. Shaver. Guest-starring Abe Vigoda.
May 4, 1986
44 (21) Strange Love A doctor makes a late-night house call to fix a woman's leg and discovers that his patient and her husband are vampires with plans to trap him.
Written by Edithe Swensen and guest-starring Marcia Cross.
May 11, 1986
45 (22) The Unhappy Medium A recently deceased preacher leaves a video-taped will which tells his family that he will send them a sign.
Written by Edithe Swensen. Guest-starring Connie Stevens.
May 18, 1986
46 (23) Fear of Floating A man who levitates whenever he lies tries to enlist in the Army, while hotly pursued by a young pregnant girl and her angry father.
Written by Donald Wollner from a story by Scott Edelman and guest-starring Yeardley Smith and Howard Sherman.
May 23, 1986
47 (24) The Casavin Curse A family learns that their great-grandfather murdered his wife, resulting in a curse upon the family line.
Written by Edith Swensen.
July 13, 1986

Season 3 (1986-1987)Edit

# Title Summary Original Air Date
48 (01) The Circus An investigative journalist who enjoys debunking tales of the strange and bizarre investigates a circus that offers monsters on display.
Written by George A. Romero and guest-starring William Hickey.
September 28, 1986
49 (02) I Can't Help Saying Goodbye A family notices that people keep dying after their young daughter Karen says goodbye to them; apparently, she can sense the impending death. In anger, they tell her not to say good-bye to anyone ever again.
Written by Jule Selbo, guest-starring Alison Sweeney and Brian Benben.
October 5, 1986
50 (03) The Bitterest Pill The uncle of a mistreated boy develops a miraculous pill which increases brain power and memory, and comes to the boy's parents for financing; the boy takes the prototype and finally gets power over his parents.
Based on the short story "The Richest Man in Levittown" by Frederik Pohl, adapted by Michael P. Kube-McDowell.
October 12, 1986
51 (04) Florence Bravo A couple moves into an old house in which a woman murdered her cheating husband. The spirit of the woman has been seeking company to ease her loneliness, so she decides to recreate the events by having the female realiter feel weak, forcing the husband to take her home. Pressured by the ghost, the wife overhears her husband talking to the woman the next day, mistaking their conversation as one about cheating on her; in reality, he decided the house is giving the wife's imagination too much to work with. When he tries explaining things to her, she is now fully under the ghost's sway and kills him in exactly the same spot as the ghost's husband.
Written by Edithe Swensen.
October 19, 1986
52 (05) The Geezenstacks A little girl is given a dollhouse by her uncle, who tells her that he found it when the previous owners suddenly abandoned their home, leaving only the dollhouse behind. The girl's father soon notices that whatever happens to the new dolls happens to their family.
Based on the short story by Frederic Brown and adapted by Nancy Doyne.
October 26, 1986
53 (06) Black Widows On her wedding night, a young woman discovers the reason for her mother's mysterious reclusiveness and a dark family secret.
Written by Michael McDowell and guest-starring Theresa Saldana.
November 2, 1986
54 (07) Heretic A thief sells a stolen painting from the Spanish Inquisition to a wealthy art collector, who soon regrets his purchase when he discovers the world within the painting.
Written by Edithe Swensen.
November 9, 1986
55 (08) A Serpent's Tooth A controlling mother's warnings and threats begin to come true when she receives the title item.
Written by Edithe Swensen and guest-starring Renee Taylor.
November 16, 1986
56 (09) Baker's Dozen A voodoo witch opens a bakery, sells magic cookies and partners up with an unscrupulous advertising agent.
Written by George A. Romero and guest-starring Mabel King.
November 23, 1986
57 (10) Deliver Us From Goodness A saintly woman tires of her goodness and seeks a fall from grace.
Story by Suzette Haden Elgin, written by Jule Selbo.
November 30, 1986
58 (11) Seasons of Belief Two rowdy kids who don't believe in Santa Claus demand a story during Christmas, and their mean parents decide to tell them a different kind of Christmas story, a horrific tale of the monstrous "Grither."
Written and directed by Michael McDowell, story by Michael Bishop and guest-starring E.G. Marshall and Jenna Von Oy.
December 29, 1986
59 (12) Miss May Dusa A woman who has no memory of her past befriends a saxophone player and slowly uncovers the truth behind the deaths she's accidentally caused everywhere she's been.
Written and directed by Richard Blackburn.
January 18, 1987
60 (13) The Milkman Cometh A milkman (whom no one has ever actually seen) grants wishes to people if they leave him a note with their discarded bottles.
Written by Donald Wollner, based on the short story "Temperature Days on Hawthorne Street" by Charles L. Grant. Guest-starring Robert Forster and Chad Allen.
January 25, 1987
61 (14) My Ghostwriter - The Vampire A horror writer discovers a real vampire in the coffin he bought for inspiration, and makes a deal with him to provide material for his novels.
Story by Scott Edelman, adapted by Peter O'Keefe.
February 1, 1987
62 (15) My Own Place A yuppie gets his first apartment—with an unexpected roommate.
Written and directed by Ted Gershuny, co-written by and guest-starring Perry Lang.
February 8, 1987
63 (16) Red Leader A wealthy and unscrupulous businessman strikes a deal with the Devil.
Written by Edithe Swensen.
February 15, 1987
64 (17) Everybody Needs a Little Love A divorced and lonely man talks to and dotes over a mannequin, while his friend begins to get concerned about his mental stability.
Based on the short story by Robert Bloch, adapted and directed by John Harrison (as John Sutherland), and guest-starring Jerry Orbach.
February 22, 1987
65 (18) Auld Acquaintances Two ancient witches fight over an amulet yet again.
Written by Edithe Swensen.
March 1, 1987
66 (19) The Social Climber A young shoemaker's assistant finds that he can actually live other people's lives by walking in their shoes.
Written by Ellen Sandhaus.
March 8, 1987
67 (20) The Swap A woman decides to murder her wealthy husband for his money but her plans go horribly awry.
Written by Dick Benner.
May 3, 1987
68 (21) Let the Games Begin An angel and a devil fight over a dead man's soul.
Written by Peter O'Keefe.
May 10, 1987
69 (22) The Enormous Radio A couple purchases a new radio which transmits their neighbor's private discussions.
Written by Guy Gallo, story by John Cheever, and guest-starring Christine Estabrook.
May 17, 1987

Season 4 (1987-1988)Edit

# Title Summary Original Air Date
70 (01) Beetles An Egyptologist ignores a sarcophagus's warnings and unearths a curse.
Written by Robert Bloch and based on his short story and guest-starring Arnold Stang.
September 27, 1987
71 (02) Mary, Mary An isolated woman who fears the world turns to her dolls and mannequins for friendship.
Written by Jule Selbo.
October 4, 1987
72 (03) The Spirit Photographer A photographer decides to take photographs of ghosts.
Written by Mark Patrick Carducci and Brian Thomas Jones.
October 11, 1987
73 (04) The Moth A dying woman is convinced that after death her soul will be trapped in a moth.
Written by Michael McDowell, Guest starring Debbie Harry.
October 18, 1987
74 (05) No Strings A cruel mob boss (T.J. Castronova, who also executive-produced the series) forces a ventriloquist (Barry Dennen) to string up the corpse of his defeated rival as a puppet. A one-man show is held... with results that none involved had counted on.
Written and directed by David Odell (author of The Dark Crystal, in which Dennen lent his voice to the Skeksis Chamberlain).
October 25, 1987
75 (06) The Grave Robber A group of archaeologists unearth an Egyptian tomb and awaken the mummy within, who forces them to compete for their lives.
Written by Harvey Jacobs and Donald Wollner. Guest-starring Arnold Stang
November 1, 1987
76 (07) The Yattering and Jack A demon is sent to corrupt a virtuous man, but if he touches him then he falls under the man's control. Complicating matters, the man refuses to believe the demon exists.
Adapted for television by Clive Barker from his short story of the same name.
November 8, 1987
77 (08) Seymourlama A nerdy and spoiled young boy is proclaimed the religious leader of a nation, but his parents want to know what the catch is. Written by Harvey Jacobs and Donald Wollner. Guest-starring David Gale and Divine. November 15, 1987
78 (09) Sorry, Right Number A woman receives a bizarre and frightening phone call and figures out its meaning too late.
Written by Stephen King.
November 22, 1987
79 (10) Payment Overdue A heartless debt collection agent is harassed by a delinquent client from beyond the grave.
Written by Dick Benner.
February 14, 1988
80 (11) Love Hungry An overweight woman goes to drastic measures to lose weight, but finds herself even more attached to her food than ever before.
Based on the short story "Food for Thought" by Roberts Gannaway. Written and directed by John Strysik, co-written by Jule Selbo.
February 21, 1988
81 (12) The Deal A screenwriter makes a deal with Satan.
Written by Granville Burgess and Allen Coulter. Guest-starring Bradley Whitford.
February 28, 1988
82 (13) The Apprentice A woman goes to work for a museum and transported to the past and forced to work as a near-slave.
Written by Ellen Sandhaus.
May 1, 1988
83 (14) The Cutty Black Sow On Halloween, a boy is warned by his dying great-grandmother about the Cutty Black Sow, a Celtic demon that steals the souls of those who die on All Hallow's Eve, and tries to prevent it from getting hers.
Based on a story by Thomas F. Monteleone, adapted by Michael McDowell and guest-starring Paula Trueman.
May 8, 1988
84 (15) Do Not Open This Box Charlie is a sweet-natured but unsuccessful inventor. His wife Ruth (an acid-tongued opportunist who sorely regrets her choice of spouse, and who is openly jealous of their well-to-do neighbor) takes advantage of a deliveryman's generosity, after the latter expresses his need for a mistakenly delivered item with the title warning inscribed on it. When it becomes evident that Ruth has no intention of returning the box, our deliveryman reveals his true identity. It doesn't help that Ruth has already opened the apparently empty box...or that the box in fact contained something which, literally, money cannot buy.
Written by Franco Amurri and directed by Jodie Foster and guest-starring Eileen Heckart.
May 15, 1988
85 (16) The Family Reunion A man guards his sick son closely and has sole custody, while the boy's worried mother desperately wants to be reunited with her child.
Written by Edithe Swensen, directed by Tom Savini, and guest-starring Patricia Tallman.
May 22, 1988
86 (17) Going Native An alien visitor studies human nature as a photographer.
Written and directed by Ted Gershuny (who, the following year, collaborated with Tommy Lee Wallace on the script for Drew Barrymore's movie Far From Home)
June 19, 1988
87 (18) Hush A child innocently builds a device that eats sound in order to make his mother happy, but soon loses control of the creepy machine (which silences things by sucking out their energy and killing them).
Based on a story by Zenna Henderson, adapted by John Harrison (under the name John Sutherland).
July 10, 1988
88 (19) Barter A parody of I Love Lucy, an alien comes to a family's door asking for ammonia and hilarity ensues.
Written by Jule Selbo
July 17, 1988
89 (20) Basher Malone A religious wrestler and his mother contend against a crooked fight manager, played by Vic Tayback, who holds ties to a devilish opponent.
Written by Peter O'Keefe.

(Note: This is the second appearance of Vic Tayback. In the first season he was in an episode called "The New Man."

July 24, 1988